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July 14, 2011.
July 14, 2011. For those of you who are into the nucleus of energy theory and management, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released its new ISO 50001 Framework  For Energy Management. This new ISO 50001 international standard has the potential to ultimately effect 60 percent of global energy use. In its most basic overview, ISO 50001 is an organizational management standard that provides tools (for large corporations, small business and government agencies) for identifying the best measurable management approaches to yield the greatest energy savings, per year, over time. This new standard is over ten years in the making. It is said to be user friendly (for both big and small energy consumption base lines) and is not prescriptive (but rather inclusive and adaptable). Buckwheat Valley Citizens Coalition (BVCC) believes this is the kind of forward energy conservation model thinking that will provide the monetary motivation (profit-loss incentive) for corporate attitude change (which is so sadly lacking in the current corporate intellectual content of today's business mind set). Now, if only we could convince our local and federal governments to require compliance with ISO 50001, and make this a legislative priority. How long do you citizens estimate that could take? Why not ask them? See if your local and federal politicians know that ISO 50001 even exists?

July 14, 2011. BVCC will be meeting with several grass roots energy conscious organizations on Monday, July 18, 2011, to discuss our common interests regarding the American Transmission Company's Badger Coulee high voltage line proposal and the CapX2020 proposal. BVCC will update you later on the results of that meeting.
July 14, 2011. BVCC has received several requests for information on how to electronically enter your citizen comments into the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin website. Here are the links to the PSC and information on how to both submit comment and how to become an intervenor in a PSC application. Please take a little time to learn how to submit your public comments, and send them frequently. Please remember to enter the correct Docket Case No. when sending your comments or submissions.

ATC-BADGER COULEE Docket No. 137-CE-160
CAPX2020 Docket No. 5-CE-136
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