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July 9, 2011.


July 9, 2011. Lots happening in the Energy News.
(1) The CapX2020 Alma, Wisconsin connection from Minnesota is in its review stage. Interveners are lined up, and the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin has given CapX2020 the green light on its application saying it is "complete" and can move into the next phase (more sales pitches coming your way, and lots of legal jaw flapping).
(2) ATC representatives told Buckwheat Valley Citizens Coalition that it will "Have to reevaluate its proposed Badger Coulee line project" if the CapX2020 Alma, Wisconsin connection is not approved by the PSC. That doesn't say much for the "need" in the Wisconsin study area flim-flam we have been hearing for the last two years.
(3) According to our sources, Dairyland Electric Co-Op is in hot water (more like sour milk). Seems some of the voting membership are looking to take legal action against their Dairyland Board Of Directors for violating their "Charter" when Dairyland's Board approved investment in the CapX2020 line connection without asking the voting members for approval. BVCC will follow this story with an Investigation Report in the near future.
(4) Several new links, studies and books were added to the BVCC Link Library for those of you who have an interest in the real story on all sides of the Energy issues.
(5) BVCC has filed a complaint with a Federal Authority over disclosure of information. More details will be forthcoming.
(6) BVCC will be participating in the Wisconsin Coalition On Energy (WCOE) to be held on July 18, 2011, at 3:00 PM, at the La Valle Town Hall, in La Valle, Wisconsin. Interested energy minded citizens should contact BVCC for details.
(7) Still no response from the PSC regarding BVCC questions about PSC statutory processes and oversight authority. BVCC has patience with such matters, and we will keep you posted.
(8) One of our sister organizations has sent a citizen to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) training session meeting on June 14-15, 2011. We will let you know later of what news that brings.

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