Wednesday, August 3, 2011


August 3, 2011.

Buckwheat Valley Citizens Coalition (BVCC) has two goals in its BVCC Mission Statement. The first, is to educated the public. The second, is to encourage public discourse and the exchange of information. One of the biggest mistakes citizens and government often make is to NOT learn from their past. BVCC often reaches out to recommend resources to citizens that will accomplish both goals. One such recommend resource, which BVCC hopes everyone will read and absorb, is contained within the following article written by the column writer [Vikki Kratz] way back in 2007. In compliance with copy write law, we have provided the following link:

Currently, many concerned citizens in Wisconsin are engaged in a challenge opposing the construction of new proposed high voltage electrical lines in our communities. Many of us may think this is a new struggle. It is NOT! These massive electrical transmission line projects have been opposed by many affected communities, for many years. The problem in Wisconsin, is NOT that valid objections are not raised, they are, and have been many times over since 2004 onward. The real problem, in Wisconsin, is that our elected officials and governmental authorities have not listened to what the public wants, and they are still not listening, to this day. Why? Is it true that a three member appointed Public Service Commission knows more about what the public needs, than the public? Could it be true that public opposition to these monster lines is driven simply by tree huggers? Do civic and public organizations, made up of hundreds of ordinary tax paying citizens, expend massive amounts of human energy to oppose these lines simply because they have nothing else to do in this busy world we live in? I think not to all of the above! What we really have here is "a failure to communicate," brought about by a lack of "public minded leadership," and no public oriented vision for Wisconsin's future. Put another way, "NASA, we have a problem."