Monday, August 1, 2011


August 1, 2011.

Every once in a while, the editor of this Buckwheat Valley Citizens Coalition (BVCC) Blog just can't stay silent and has to jump into the fire. This is one such time. Lately, BVCC has been asking the question: Why doesn't the press use its public format to expose the multitude of misconceptions, faulty need analysis, and outright disingenuous motivations within the American Transmission Company - Badger Coulee high voltage line proposal? Now, the answer to that dilemma is very clear for all to see. I would like to present a few quotes, from a reputedly well respected source, for your consideration.

"When the decision occurs, [Public Service Commission's ATC Badger Coulee Final Application Decision] Wisconsin residents will have had ample opportunity not only to understand the pros and cons but also to influence the decision and the choice of routes."

"For that we can thank a transparent process of public input that was underscored last month at eight public [ATC-BC] meeting around the affected areas."

"This is a model for how to make public decisions about the public interest."

"This line [ATC-BC] offers advantages."

"A westward line could bring more wind-generated electricity into Wisconsin."

"The new line would cost $425 million, adding about 75 cents to a $100 monthly utility bill."

"Residents had a chance to raise doubts about the line's value."

"ATC executives can now digest the input before making a proposal to the state Public Service Commission in another public process, predicted for 2013."

"Other industries that face regulatory decisions affecting the public interest would be smart to adopt similar processes for involving the public."

Had enough citizens of Wisconsin. There is more, if you care to read it [Wisconsin State Journal "Editorial-Public input pays off in power plan. 8-1-2011.]. For those of us Wisconsin citizens who have followed the real ATC-BC story (and have not been hoodwinked) we know those above quotes are simply trash. Shame on you [Anonymous] Wisconsin State Journal Editorial Author! Your head is stuck in the sand, and every word of your flimflam smells of ATC rhetoric and influence, absent fact. Your Editorial is a sick and sad example of how despicable Corporate influence has contaminated media news. This Editorial is good for use only in the privy.

Alvin Brinkman
Public Relations
Buckwheat Valley Citizens Coalition